Energy Efficient Double Glazed Windows in Sydney

An Energy Saving Alternative

Double Glazed Windows In Building — Aluminium Doors & Windows in Sydney, NSW

At Tamar Windows, we supply and install a range of double glazed windows and aluminium framing for residential and commercial projects in Sydney.

Whilst more expensive than its traditional counterpart, double glazing offers greater value for money than single glazing. Using two panes of glass, this energy saving alternative can be applied to many of the frames we offer from Alspec and Capral—and can be cut to almost any size you require.

So, when selecting your new bifold, sliding or French doors, why not consider choosing double glazing. Speak with our team and we’ll show you how this decision could save you money in the long-run.

Benefits of Double Glazing

There’s a reason more and more clients are opting to choose double glazing for new-builds and renovations, including:

Energy efficiency

Constructed with an extra layer of glass and a pocket of space in between each pane, double glazing effectively insulates against heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

Noise reduction

When sound waves make contact with a window, the glass will vibrate. The space in-between double glazing can absorb much of this sound vibration, effectively reducing noise entering your building.

Increased safety

Double glazing is much tougher and harder to break. Ideal for if you have young children, teenagers or animals in the house.

To better understand the impact of double-glazing, and to obtain acoustic ratings for our doors and windows, get in touch today.

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